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Photo from Ann Marie Durkin.jpg
Photo from Ann Marie Durkin.jpg
Mulled Wine with Fruit
Image by Toa Heftiba


Saturday 9th December 2023
11am to 1.30pm
€ 80

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than creating your own handmade Christmas Wreath?

Why not join us in Coolamber for a hands on Christmas Wreath Making Workshop inspired by nature. You will be expertly guided by Amelia from Amelias Garden Flowers.

Amelia is a huge advocate of sustainability and caring for the environment. The workshop will not be using floral foam otherwise known as oasis.

The wreath base will consist of traditional wire and moss.The wreaths will be truly beautiful both inside and out!

Using a plentiful variety of fresh greenery, berries, cones, dried flowers, fruit, seed heads and grasses your wreath will not only look stunning on your doorway but also give so much satisfaction that you've created it yourself.

You will have learned the skill to create a wire and moss based wreath which you can use again every year or create some gifts for friends. It will also awaken you to the beautiful foliage and berries that are freely available locally in hedgerows and your gardens. 

The workshop will take place in our renovated stables against the backdrop of a roaring log fire .Mulled wine will be simmering on the stove, mince pies and festive treats will be available throughout the workshop.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a walk in the Walled Garden with a warming glass of Mulled Wine. 

We promise a very enjoyable morning!

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