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One day a month from  Feb to Nov 2024
10.30am to 3.00pm ( including Lunch)
€ 500

This full day workshop is designed for complete beginners or those that would like to give their gardens some more attention this year. 

It is a  practical workshop that will run one day per month throughout the year from February through to November. It is the perfect course for the complete beginner but also suitable for those who would like to improve their knowledge and stay in control of the gardening jobs. If your a home gardener who would like some fresh vegetables for lunch, easy to grow berries and fruit and also have the possibility of providing freshly cut flowers for your home then this is the course for you.

The content of the workshop will coincide with the monthly garden jobs that needs to be done throughout the year in your garden.

Everything from general maintenance of plants and shrubs, mulching, pruning, planting seeds, potting on, vegetable garden, fruit garden, cut flowers, managing weeds, pests and disease, propagating, Tips on garden maintenance and more

It will help you keep on track of what needs to be done throughout the year from Feb through to November

You will see first hand how the garden changes through the months from preparation and  planting our annual flower seeds  in March to using those fully grown flowers for floral arrangements.  

The workshop will entail some classroom activity in the renovated stable while the remainder  will be carrying out some tasks in the Walled Garden.

It will be a very informative few hours where practical content will be covered and useful tips and ideas shared. 

I would like to emphasise that I will be taking this workshop and it is a personal gardening journey. I am not a trained horticulturist but a practical home gardener What I do hope to impart is the confidence to start and try and that you don't need to know everything to have a great garden.

I have developed and planted the two Walled Garden here in Coolamber over the past 4 years which now includes an annual and perennial flower garden, vegetable and herb garden, fruit and berry garden, perennial veg, wildflower area, orchard and Nuttery, roses and Dahlias and our Reflective pond garden.  Over the last couple of years Ive completed the design and layout of the Glass house, the potting Shed and the Gardeners Cottage. This year I designed and created the reflective pond garden which is a smaller adjoining Walled Garden. All of which will continue to evolve this year.

A light lunch followed by tea and cake will also be provided in the dining room of Coolamber house.

As well as sharing tips and ideas with  like minded individuals every month you will be provided with:

  • A Booklet which contains relevant content to help you stay on track that particular month

  • A useful and relevant gift for your garden every month to take home

  • A FREE copy of EVERY issue of the IRISH GARDEN MAGAZINE for 2024

I look forward to having you join me in 2024

Ann Marie x

Dates :

Thursday 8th Feb, 14th March,11th April, 9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 8th Aug,12th Sept, 10th Oct and 14th Nov 2024

To secure your place please book online 

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