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We are delighted to open our  GardenTea Room and Guided Garden Tours on Saturday 2nd August 2024 .

It is really important to us that your experience here in Coolamber is as expected.

Booking in advance is necessary.

The Booking times will be as follows

11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Our Garden Tea Room menu will consist of  Tea, Coffee and a wide range of delicious indulgent cakes,.

Note: Hot Lunch or sandwiches will not be available. 

I will take everyone on a tour of the Walled Garden, the Reflective Walled Garden and Outbuildings. If you presefer to potter around teh garden  you are most welcome to do so.

The monies raised from this open day will all be donated to Streete Parish Park the Oskars event.

Some bubbly will be available on request!

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