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Saturday 20th January 2024
10.30am to 4.00pm
€ 120

This Workshop is for anyone who wants to be happier and healthier at its simplest level; lifestyle habits.

Colman is an organic grower as well as a personal training who uses organic methods to get fit, grounding (stretching), exercise, foods, sea swims, nutrition from either homegrown fruit and vegetables, or buying chemical-free organic veg.

Colman has a Masters's degree in Horticulture, a degree in nutrition and education and combines it all into bite-size manageable information for everyone. His also published his first book The Power of Organic Fitness.

He also has a program called the Organic Fitness program where he helps people to lose weight by walking, exercising, and eating local fresh and organic produce that you can either grow your own or buy but whatever you do you must add it to your diet (Is one of his sayings). 

The Workshop will be packed with practical demonstrations on

-        Grounding at the start of the day   and  Stretching in the Reflection Walled Garden

-        Exercise - a 20 mins walk after      Lunch

-        Sowing your own micro greens

The practical element of the workshop will take place in the adjoining 1 acre walled garden of Coolamber House.  A walk and talk tour of the walled garden will also be included.

The Class Room Sessions will include:

-        Nutrition at its most basic level

-        Beneficial foods for optimal health  & weight loss
-       Gut Health 

-        Foods you can grow at home or must add to your diet

-        Questions & Answer Sessions

If there is a man that is passionate about fitness and health this is him. He lives breaths and eats the best food so that he has more energy to live his best life.We are delighted to have Colman as a guest to show us the way of future organic food. 

A delicious two course lunch including a Glass of Prosecco is included as part of this full day workshop  It will be served in the dining room of Coolamber House.

It's a New Year and and New Opportunity to take better care of our own health and well being. This  promises to be a great all round workshop that will awaken encourage and educate you to the health benefits of wholesome locally grown organic food for your diet and basic exerise.

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